Why Do I Need To Take Care of My Teeth?

It's About Natural Smiles!

It can and should be about natural smiles – it’s about opening your mouth to smile with your own teeth as opposed to smiling through the ones you have to leave in a glass of water on your nightstand when you go to bed. Teeth are for life, and the key is for each of us to take care of them every day of our lives.


Why bother? Here are a few reasons:


  • Better jobs

  • Better income over your lifetime

  • Better relationships

  • Better chance of getting, and keeping, that special someone

  • Better dental and oral health

  • Better general health

  • You are likely to smile more often

  • You are likely to laugh more often

  • You will feel good about yourself. That is called good self-esteem, a vital quality for life success

  • You will be a good example for your children and all with whom you come in contact

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